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This suspenseful novella features a family trio, creatures of night, each searching for their purpose beyond the lust for blood: fashion, sculpture, and ancient mysteries. When a teenage girl named Jezebel investigates strange occurrences in her city, she discovers chilling revelations locked within the walls of their ominous house. She wants to be one of them. But some family secrets are exclusive . . . and dangerous.

The traveling carnival arrives at the Mississippi Gulfport Harbor along with a group of swindlers who make a living dazzling crowds with oddities and magic. Colton Lockwood goes to the hypnotist show to see mind reading and learn about past lives. He meets Jasper Thorn, an eccentric carny that claims to have found the secret to immortality. What would you do if you could live forever?

Money didn’t make their lives easier. For Chase and Alex, the topic of money was poisonous to their friendship. So, they tried to avoid the subject altogether. Unlike the privileged children of Hollywood superstars, they were not born into fame or money. Instead, each of them developed their comedy style through real experiences that would have been dull if only influenced by life in the spotlight. Much of Chase’s success with pranks relied on his ability to take ordinary situations and heighten them through the element of surprise.

Camp Hoboken has a very dark history. The legend claims an insane doctor caused the lake to transform into blood every night. Fear takes hold of Josh Kendrick when his summer camp experience becomes a living nightmare. A chilling story about the powerful effects of hallucinegenic drugs, and their ability to bend reality to its breaking point.

Some kids call me Blaze or Flame, even Fire-Fro (that’s my favorite); but my real name is Zach Burns. Fire-fro is especially cool because it accurately describes one of the ways I pass time. When I’m not in my room studying the theory of relativity, you can usually find me in the backyard setting stuff on fire. I need an apprentice for my science lab. Of course, you should have the right qualifications. I don't hire spineless jellyfish.

I’ll never work at a pet shop again. It’s more than just the terror I experienced. My morals have changed. I no longer think it’s a good thing to keep animals caged up in close quarters with no exercise and no real care. I secretly believe nature sees everything. It probably wants all the animals back in the wild. That’s where I believe they belong. But I didn’t always think about animals that way. I respect them now because I fear them. I’ve seen what they can do.