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TJ Moore is the author of the CSI thriller novel Mind Games, novella The Sharp Family, and has written several short stories (Live Forever, Acid Lake, Hollywood Pranksters, Lab Apprentice Wanted) and feature-length screenplays including Special Delivery, Slick and Vector.

In order to bring realism to his fiction, he studied Forensic Psychology and interviewed local law enforcement. His stories focus on elements of mystery and suspense, often featuring eccentric characters and supernatural events.

He has a B.A. in Media Studies Marketing and an art minor in Graphic Design from the University of Sioux Falls and works as an editor for FS1 and feature films / commercials in Los Angeles. Moore lives in North Hollywood, CA.

Storytelling through writing and reading is one of the most valuable forms of creative expression.

Find the topics that fascinate you and write about them. The best moments in writing surprise both the author and the reader. For me, it’s all about trying to maintain a sense of discovery.

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