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This suspenseful novella features a family trio, creatures of night, each searching for their purpose beyond the lust for blood: fashion, sculpture, and ancient mysteries. When a teenage girl named Jezebel investigates strange occurrences in her city, she discovers chilling revelations locked within the walls of their ominous house. She wants to be one of them. But some family secrets are exclusive . . . and dangerous.

An excerpt from The Sharp Family 

“We are devils. That’s what we are. They say they want to join our family, but they don’t know what they’re asking. It’s a shame, really, how much they want to be us, walk in our skin and see through our eyes. Not all of them ask us with words, but with side-glances and lingering curiosity. No matter how hard we try to disguise ourselves and hide from them during the day, there are those who seek us out because they want to know our interior lives. If they knew the burden we carry, they’d recoil their desire for our destiny and find any other way to stand out. They pursue freedom from the rules of society and the limitations of our human bondage, a numb hope—a kind that fades soon after one is turned. I can’t fight the need anymore. I used to have control. I used to have free will. Now, all I can do is run and kill and drink and feed. It’s a foolish pursuit. This is not what they want, anyway; neither lust, nor secret stains upon their soul wiped clean. They seek our powers because they want to fly.”

— Ashton Sharp, Reluctant Vampire


A sealed room in the Sharp house held centuries of secrets.

Black and White - Ink Wash Illustration

© 2018 by Claire Doolittle


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